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be ready

Building a Practice


Strategy • play music from the base level
3 Skills • Melodies by ear, Strumming chords, Reading music
Training & Jamming • Don't train mistakes, experiment
Training Beyond & Exhaustion [PDF] • Go beyond what it takes, exhaust possibilities
Set ListPDF • Build your set
10 Point Practice System (GPS)15 Practice Ideas PDF 
Practice Tracking

Following Practice Tracking, the Next button on that page will take you to the start of Essential Knowledge, starting with Parts of the Guitar.

Essential Knowledge


Parts of the Guitar • Know this!
Get Comfortable  
Finger Labels & Position • T1234 & pimac
String Names & Numbers • 654321 • EADGBE [Eat Apples Daily Go-to Bed Early]  
Tuning Your Guitar • EADGBE is standard tuning
Tablature Practice  
Chord & Scale Grids • A common way to visualize what to fret.
Music Elements • Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Timbre   

On the Music Elements page the Next Button will go to the Techniques main page.