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Guitar Practice System - GPS

Core Location: Ground

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10 point guitar practice system
For an expansion of our Guitar Practice System, see this resource in the Nucleus.

This is a practice framework which includes 10 areas of activity. These can be implemented/realized in many, many ways. To build practice routines, for students, this is my meta-map, whether they are aware of this big map, or not.

There are all kinds of areas of focus for our practice, and they can & do blend in endless combinations. Using these 10 areas, all of us should be able to design unlimited practice routines. And that's a primary teaching: learning practice design; designing our own routines.

Also consider how each area can be broken down as well as provide a framework for the others. Eventually all of this fuses into one experience.

One session could include them all. Or, 2-5.

Each practice session ideally contains some training & jamming.

Training (the dark blue circles or semi circles above) = practicing specific things, in specific ways, to improve as a guitarist. We can train our technique/s, and/or specific pieces of music. We challenge weaknesses. A metronome or drumbeats are good ways to benchmark and track improvements.

Jamming (the cyan semicircles)= making music, being creative, letting go and just playing. Typically, at the end of [during] each practice session, we play some music. This can be playing a song or piece of music that we are working on, or improvising, or writing some music.

For an expansion of our GPS, see this resource in the Nucleus.