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Core Location: Ground

strategy mountain

A core idea of our guitar path is to study and to play music from the base level → ongoing experimentation with the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre).

The information/skills can be applied to any style [some styles are included here - making sounds on a guitar registers as known things], yet one of our path's overall goals is to develop our own music.

The maps found on the path can act as bridges within our process; we experiment - follow it – giving our music space to unfold - seeing what happens. Hopefully, we get lost in it…get into some non-reference jam space [the tonal groove, flow].

We build our skills, build our repertoire [songs ready to 'perform', even if improvisatory frameworks], & get creative.

As we continue to evolve our process on the path, we will follow a sequence through the harmonic and melodic sound space. We will go key by key, building a catalog of sonic materials to play songs and to write music.

We start with the 'guitar keys'. These are C, G, D, A, E, and F. These are the keys where open strings work much of the time and the chord forms are simpler. We can then use these fingerings to play in the 'flat keys' by using a capo. Or, we use our chord form knowledge to voice everything.

We continually challenge ourselves through experimentation (training & exhaustion, skill building, training & jamming, improvising, listening, tone development, etc.).

This is our strategy.