Reading Music

We call this system...Reader. It's what you become by acquiring this important skill. Read Music.

Start • We begin with taking a look at our fretboard zones and our goal list.
Open Strings in Notation Great "fence posts" for filling in and expanding.
Middle E - Line One Getting started in zone 1.
The 3 E's: Low, Middle, & High
Lines of the Staff EGBDF
Sequence & Exercises for Lines of the Staff
Spaces of the Staff FACEG
Sequence & Exercises for Spaces of the Staff
Mixing Lines and Spaces of the Staff Things to do
Staff Mix Exercises All naturals
Staff Mix Exercises With accidentals
Spaces Below the Staff EGBDF
Spaces Below the Staff Sequence & Exercises
Lines Below the Staff FACEG
Lines Below the Staff Sequence & Exercises
Below the Staff Mix Staff wrap

More Resources in the Nucleus
These four sessions are threaded in a loop with the Next and Previous buttons.
Deep Reading • Read better, faster, smarter.
Zone One Maps • Frets 0-3
Zone Two Maps • Frets 4-8
Zone Three Maps • Frets 9-13