Making Art is Good

I teach art and music at a Montessori based school in Indianapolis, Indiana. My kids, 3 & 9, go with me. It's the most challenging, rewarding, and intense gig that I've ever had. It's an all day event, daily. WIth the current distancing situation, we are working our system from home, and it's going smoothly.

I have taught music at the school, on and off, mostly on, for 20 years. When the art job opened up four years ago, I jumped in, once the team was convinced that I could do it. And, I can do it. I do it. Can't wait to get there. The position was built for a wanderer like myself. No more wandering.

I inherited a hoarder's nest of art materials. Much, I had no idea what to do with. Four years in, I've finally organized it, figured out what does what, and I have now taken up hoarding for anything that could possibly be used to make art. The hoard is large. Large. But, I don't have a problem. I'm prepared for the artpocalypse.

So, now, daily, we make art and music. We study...the elements, the principles, the processes. We figure stuff out. We practice. I practice. It transforms me daily, and my intent is to transmit this to everyone I work with, directly or indirectly. Ah the intangibles. And I produce works in the in-between (the gaps between the endless tasks of parenting and teaching). Most of what you see above are prototypes for larger formats in planning. And, I'm working on photographing them better. I'm confident I can do it. Be confident.Read more on my blog.

art is so good.
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