My favorite art media are color pencils, markers, and highlighters. Much of what you see is color pencil (the opening piece is a trace, then texturized with objects below the paper). I also like building little sculptures (shown in the gallery) and converting forms into other forms (tube to cube, box to plant). I've experimented with painting, but prefer the pinky side of my hand (make a fist and use soft edge of hand), much more than a brush. I have rarely gotten rid of my kids' toys. I'm planning to build human forms with all of the parts, once the time is right. My daughter and I also have worked on a 12' x 4' mural for years. It's on pause until my boy is calm enough not to destroy it. We can't wait to get back to it (there are some details in the gallery above). And StickMan is the dude. I have a number of stop motion pieces of him doing cool stuff.

I teach art and music at a Montessori based school in Indianapolis, Indiana. My kids, 4 & 9, go with me. It's the most challenging, rewarding, and intense gig that I've ever had. It's an all day event, daily.

I have taught music at the school, on and off, mostly on, for 20 years. When the art job opened up five years ago, I jumped in, once the team was convinced that I could do it. And, I can do it.  Can't wait to get there. The position was built for an experiential explorer.

I inherited a hoarder's nest of art materials. Much, I had no idea what to do with. Five years in, I've finally organized it, figured out what does what, and I have now taken up hoarding for anything that could possibly be used to make art. The hoard is large. Large. But, I don't have a problem. I'm prepared for the artpocalypse.

So, now, daily, we make art and music. We study...the elements, the principles, the processes. We figure stuff out. We practice. I practice. It transforms me daily, and my intent is to transmit this to everyone I work with, directly or indirectly. Ah the intangibles. And I produce works in the in-between (the gaps between the endless tasks of parenting and teaching)...incremental creativity.

making art is so good.