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Guitar Chord Lessons

Be A reliable rhythm player
Chords are harmony...multiple tones sounding together, whether played as a group or arpeggiated.

Chord Definition & Goals
EON for E Major Linear Scale [This standalone session is also listed in Scales. It is not in the Next and Previous navigation for either.]
Simple R5 Chords with Progression
12 Bar Using R5s
Harmonizing a Melody using E5, A5, and B3
Strumming Opens & Mutes ["Pre-Chords"] • Core Location: Chords; also in Strumming
Harmonic Blocks - Creation & the Beater/Blocker & Exercises
Strumming D Major • Jam on a single chord. Also in Strumming

This is Faulkner's fail-proof chord switching system.

Track One

shape connect track one

Wave One • Em to G6 & G and Em to E  |   Wave Two • E to Am, Am to C, C to F, F to D7, & D7 to A

Track Two

shape connect track two

Shape Connect

Wave One • G, Cadd9, D, Em  |  Wave Two •  E to B7, E to E7, Am to Bm, C to C7, C to G7, F to D, D to Dm, & A to A7

Bonus Puzzles  

CAGED Forms Start • E A C D G
Competed Linear CAGED Cycle for C Major
Names in Every Position
Basic Mods for CAGED Chord Forms
Moving the E Form [also see 12 tones, 1/2 Apart in Theory] • In Tablature • Another Fingering Option
E Form Exercise
E Linear R5 Chord Scale
Drop D Fingering
R5 Progressions
Chord Train • Great exercise for groups
Chords in C Major
C Major Chord Scales in 5 Positions • A "Look Ahead" Challenge!
Tones Against E Major & E minor Experiment [also in Scales & Modes]
Chords in G Major
Voicings in Progressions
Moving E Major Shape Experiment
Moving the Full E Form
C Chords Scales in 7ths
Easy Way to Move the C Form
E Major Linear Chord Scale • Great sounds for technics training and songwriting.
7th Chords in G
Moving the A Form
minor as a Key Signature [also in Scales & Modes]
C Chord Form
minor as a Key Signature [also in Scales & Modes]
7ths in A minor
Secondary Dominants
Flat Majors • C Major Example
Fully dim7 Chords
D Chord Form
Moving G Form
F Major Linear Chord Scale - Alt F Tuning - [see F Major Scale]
6ths in G and D

Chord Resources in the Nucleus

Capo • Charts for every key.

CAGED Linear and Fixed Position Cycles • Fixed position cycles.