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Faulkner's Guitar Path

Deep mix of love & science

Faulkner's Guitar Path is based on 30 years of teaching thousands of students. Experiential exploration is the engine of the method. We train our hands by understanding what they can do. Each of us is unique. We engage with maps and then forget the maps. Our own musical flow lines are the outcome. We learn to sing through the instrument. The Path is organized into topic lists that are sequenced in the general order that Faulkner teaches them (students can go in any order of course - it's a cloud, not a ladder).

Guitar Path
Ground • Building a Practice & Essential Knowledge. Be ready.

Techniques • Fretting | Picking | Strumming | Fingerpicking

Scales • We begin with linear versions, then move through our 7 Majors system.

Chords • We move from "pre-chord" sounds to expanding your chord library to 1000s of chords.

Theory & Mapping • Our music theory numbering system, mapping the fretboard, and resources.

Reading • This system is novel and is fail-proof. Learning to read music connects us to history and expands our musical options.

Systems • Shape Connect  | Octave Explorer | 7 Majors | CAGED Complete | Tone Mix | Linear Versions

Nucleus • This houses an array of resources to support your adventure. Many of these are also included in path lists.

Articles On Creativity • Style Lens, Cut Flowers, Integral Thought, Eastern Approaches to Practice, and more.

A human is naturally a drum (body percussion) and a voice. All instruments are extensions of this dynamic body-mind music making system. Therefore, instruments are for expanding these possibilities. We sing through our instruments. It's not note-on/note-off (mechanized body action). It's fluidity of sound via physiological, psychological, emotional, sociological, and technological systems.
I share my learning path with you as to assist you with building yours. Your path is unique and vital to the collective musical library we are building together. Go!