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Guitar Path

Rebuilding Guitar Path on a new platform. It's gonna take a minute, but 2021 is the rebuild year.

Path it
rooms by jamey faulkner color pencil art piece
EVerything makes Sound

Flow Lines

One of my goals as a musician, is to always keep the flow lines happening. Even with our endless interruption lifestyles, we can move our techniques, sound, and tone along a centered path. Waveforms happen.

waveform one art piece
making art Slows the world down

Incremental Creativity

Making art makes sense, for everyone. As we practice, daily, weekly, even if only for minutes, we are transformed. Art and music flow from the same source.

rooms by jamey faulkner color pencil art piece


Exploring the Composing System
Just tinkering in C-G-D-G-C-D, exploring some flow lines.
Training Beyond & Exhaustion
New article in Teaching & Learning about two core ideas I use for teaching someone how to play a musical instrument.
How are you spending your time right now? Is it a time of cultivation? Helping others?
Practice Trackers
Do you track your practice? It's a good idea, especially at the start of building a music practice. The act of writing things down organizes the mind.
What is your deepest dive? The thing that you are best at, or what you know the most about? Applying an experiential process to "unrelated" domains is an exciting opportunity to manifest novelty.
just getting started