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Music Theory & Fretboard Mapping

music theory is a naming and numbering system. Mapping is applying it to the guitar fretboard.

12 • 1 • 7 • 5 • 2 • 2212221 • EON

get pdf of our music theory system in a snapshot

Example: EON for for E Major Linear Scale [primary location is in Scales & Modes (not in Previous/Next for Theory), also listed in Chords]

4 Types of Triads • Major, minor, diminished, augmented
EON to Create 7th Chords

Resources in the Nucleus

Circle of 5ths • Key center organizational chart based on a wheel
Lines of 7 • Faulkner's supplement to the Circle of 5ths
Numera • This is a naming system which calls the root of a tonal system zero, rather than one.
Derivative/Parallel • Two tracks for naming.
Tone Naming • Traditional, Numera, Solfege
Tone Series for Every Tone

Fretboard Mapping
7 Guitar Octaves • The core skeleton of standard tuning.
Fretboard Zones
Tone Names in Standard Tuning
Guitar Harmonics