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Practice Trackers

You are your own best teacher

Do you track your practice?

It's a good idea, at least at the beginning, to keep a running list of what we are doing (teachers should and often will provide a practice list for students).

This can be as simple as just keeping a list, like the boxes, or another visual shape, such as a circle/wheel. PDFs are provided below.

Each of us decides for ourselves how we keep track of our practice. Over time, we typically keep track mentally. Again, at the beginning, however, it might be good to try written tracking [sometimes also called a practice journal - it can be as simple or detailed as each of us deem necessary].

Here's one way to approach this. We make a list for a specific day or week. The following is an example of using a box [any type container will do]. I use wheels just as much as boxes these days] for a student's current practice list.

practice tracker list

We can write the date in the top space.

We can write our practice tasks as a list. We can check off each topic as we complete a task, and we have a record of what we've been doing.

When using tracking in this way, our practice sessions are multi-topic. This means that each practice session has a little of everything that we are working on [multiple topics].

This is in contrast to single topic practice, where we take one practice area [e.g. scales], and do a bunch of things with it.

Each Box as an Area of Study

practice tracker each box as an area of study

We could also use a practice tracker sheet as 4 areas of study.

A practice session could cover all 4 [multi], or just one area [single].

Download the 4 Containers PDF below to use either one of these methods.

A wheel is also provided below.

And you can make your own. Even just drawing a circle on paper can provide a solid visual understanding of your practice areas and activities.

4 Containers

This is a basic grid type log sheet with 4 containers. Use the top block for the date.
four containers practice trackerGet PDF


This is a wheel based practice tracker. It can be used for a single or multi-topic practice planning.
practice tracking wheel tracker get pdfGet PDF
Track your practice! Or Don't!

Do it! Or Don't Do It!