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E Major Linear Chord Scale

Core Location: Chords

All of these chords are in the key of E Major [I, IV, V are Major; ii iii vi are minor; viio is diminished]. We will leave the 6, 2, & 1 strings open for all of them (we can control the resonance of the low E string by using our thumb over the top of the fretboard - some sound great with it ringing fully, while others sound better with a slight or full mute - you decide).

By leaving some strings open, we are adding non-chord tones to some of the chords, but we won't be overly concerned with exact naming. The chords work for the name [this is, of course, style dependent - these might fall under 'pretty-style']. This chord group is also ideal for fingerpicking training and songwriting.

We first get the chords in our hands. We have options for fingerings (see fingering videos in the playlist).

e major linear guitar chord scale

Once we have the chords in our hands, we play the chord scale. We suggest strumming it first. Ascend and descend. Always plan the next chord before moving. See it. Pre-feel it. Progressions

Next, a sweet sounding progression. If this works for one of your songs, use it. Let the open strings ring.

chord progression in e major

And, as always, make up your own. Write them down. Experiment.