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Chord Definition and Goals

Core Location: Chords

Chords are three or more tones ringing together. And, two tones can sound together and can pass as a chord. And, a single tone is ultimately a ringing chord [harmonics].

Chords are the 'vertical' dimension of music. Another word for chords is harmony.

Chords can be strummed, fingerpicked as blocks/fragments, or arpeggiated [broken into individual tones by picking or fingerpicking each tone separately - the tones that are picked can ring together or not ring together].

Our Main Goals with Chords

  1. Program chord changes to strumming
  2. Arpeggiate them - fingerpicking and/or picking
  3. Expand our chord catalog by learning new chords, understanding chord forms & playing chord scales [both, fixed position & linear]
  4. Put our skills & knowledge to work in songs which exist or songs which we write