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Lines of the Staff Sequence & Exercises

Lines of Staff Sequence

We will start with a sequence of four notes for each line of the staff. Since we know that we will repeat each tone four times (same), we will use that time (2, 3, &4 beats) to plan the next note [look ahead, don't stare at a repeating note [we always read ahead].

Back and Forth on the Lines

back and forth on the lines

The half note lasts for 2 beats. The dotted half lasts for 3 beats [dot adds half the beat count to the beat count]. Dotted half notes fill a measure of 3/4 time.

Lines Descending

lines descending

There are doublestops on the open strings in the third measure [GB together]. Think of those as the 3 & 2 open in tablature; the open 3 & 2 together looks like what you see in the third measure.

Lines with 8ths

lines with eighth notes

8th notes go twice as fast as quarters. They are counted 1 & 2 & in measure 3.

What We Have So Far

We now have the 3 E's and the lines of the staff.

Repeat all of the exercises on these pages until 'you know that you know' these symbols and how they translate onto the fretboard. Every note has an address on the fretboard.

Let's do a quick review: Low E is -4 space, Middle E is the first line, & High E is space 4.

The lines of the staff are EGBDF (every other letter in the musical alphabet from E). The lines correspond to 2-0-0-3-1 on 4-3-2-2-1 strings. Got it? Yes.