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Spaces of the Staff

The Spaces = FACEG. SPACE = FACE, + 'gee'.

spaces of the staff on guitar

New Notes

Middle F = Space 1 = 4 string, fret 3.

Middle A = Space 2 = 3 string, fret 2.

High C = Space 3 = 2 string, fret 1. 

High G = Space 5 [+1 pace] = 1 string, fret 3.

We already know the 'top' space [space 4], High E.

Do This with the Spaces

Play these 5 tones while saying the following [go through each point for all 5]:

  1. Note-tone name
  2. Note-head location [line and the corresponding number].
  3. String/fret combination
  4. All of the above - play middle F repeatedly while saying: this is middle F, it's the first space of the staff, the bottom space, played on the 4th string, fret 3.

See the note-head in its space, in your mind, as you say any of the information on the list.

Also notice that FACE is a frettable F chord [FMaj7]. And, FACG is also a chord...Fadd9.

Do this until you know that you know it.