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Guitar Picking


Picking is setting strings in motion, typically one tone at a time, with some type of object or finger surface. Double-stops are "picking/strumming" two tones at a time. Triple-stops are three tones at a time. The double and triple-stops get their name from violin playing.

Stabilizing • These are multiple ways to create a bond between the motor hand and the guitar.

Surfaces  • What are you setting the strings in motion with? Options include a pick, fingers, or other objects.

Motors • For picking we can use the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, and any combination of these.

The Leave • The Leave is a training concept. By working this into our playing at the start, our accuracy goes up, and jam and reading modes always flow better. Doing the training integrates native & applied intelligence, when done with the deepest possible focus.

Pick Training List  • For training, we can use this list (or any part of it). If you are absolutely new to picking, I suggest running through this whole list at least once or twice. Where We Will Live is the core part of our pick training, as we move into deeper levels of ability.