Pick Training List

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For pick training, we can use this list (or any part of it). If you are absolutely new to picking, I suggest running through this whole list at least once or twice. Where We Will Live is the core part of our pick training, as we move into deeper levels of ability.

Picking Symbols

guitar picking symbols

Beginner Block

At the very beginning, here's our suggested picking list.

Single Downs = pick single tones all down.

guitar picking down symbol

Single Ups = pick single tones all up - this isn't common, but a good training exercise.

guitar picking up symbol

Double Downs = pick each tone twice down-down (1, 1, 2, 2, etc)

guitar picking down down symbol

Once we have control over our pick and are comfortable with this beginner block, we focus our training on #4 and #5...

Where We Will Live

Double Down-Ups = pick each tone twice down-up, (1, 1, 2, 2, etc) - repeated tones.

guitar picking down up symbol

For odd numbered Down-Ups: when we play 'Down-Ups' in odd numbers, the pattern will alternate downs and ups for each new tone. Such as: picking each tone 3 times, picking will be down-up-down, up-down-up, etc.

Single Down-Ups = pick single tones, down-up

guitar picking down up symbol

This list can be applied to any scale or group of tones.

Run through the sequence with a scale that you know [we will explore many on the path]. Then, as your accuracy is dialed in, focus on points 4 & 5. Push tempo with these. A metronome is a dear friend with training.

And, as with everything, we explore, experiment, and invent. This lets us know how our training is translating to making music.