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Spaces of the Staff Sequence & Exercises

Spaces of the Staff Sequence

This follows the same durations and contour [shape of melodic line] as the EGBDF sequence. We don't need to stare at repeating [same] notes. We read ahead, storing data in our mind cache.

spaces sequence one
spaces sequence two

Descending with Space

For the 3rd beat in the first 4 measures, create silence for the rest. We can do this by moving a fretted tone to a touch [mute], or stop the tone with our motor hand. Or, both.

spaces of the staff descending
There is a quarter note rest (don't play) on the 3rd beat of measures 1-4.

Ascending with a Tie

ascending spaces of the staff on guitar with a tie
A tie joins two tones on the same line or in the same space. If the tones are on different lines or spaces, the symbol would be a slur.

6/8 Time Up and Down

Triplets have a rounded, or galloping feel. Instead of two 8th notes per quarter note, there are three. They can be counted 1-trip-let or 1-la-li or 1-2-3.

In 6/8 time, the true beats are on the 1 and the 4. So, there are really two strong beats per measure. The dotted quarter fills a beat. Two dotted quarters fill a measure.

spaces of the staff for guitar using triplets
The tie in the penultimate measure makes for one long tone. The ultimate measure is filled with dotted quarter note rests.
explanation of triplets in music notation

Spaces Wrap

How did you do? If you ever struggle with the notes on the staff, repeat the lines sequence, then the space sequence in this section. Say the note-head location while playing the tone-notes. See it. Know it.

Next, we will put the lines and spaces together.