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Mixing Lines & Spaces of the Staff

Now, we mix. If we were to play these notes in order from Middle E to High G, we are stepping up the scale. When they are all naturals, we are in the scale of C Major [the 'upper half'].

Stepping is playing the next available line or space up or down from the note we are playing.

lines and spaces of the staff, e to g, in order on guitar

To Do with All Staff Notes

Play these 10 tones while saying the following [go through each point while playing the scale]:

  1. Note-tone name - EFGABCDEFG
  2. Note-head location [line and the corresponding number]. Line 1, Space 1, Line 2, Space 3. Or, these are the ones - line/space, then the twos - line/space, etc.
  3. String/fret combination
  4. Each tone's everything: name, notation location, fretboard location. Go in order, plus separate by lines and spaces, as we have done.

See the note-head on its line or in its space, in your mind, as you say/think any of the information on the list.

EFGABCDEFG = C Major's tones. Starting on the E, the scale is E Phrygian; if you play these tones for long enough (a few seconds), the C tone on string 2, fret 1 will sound as the final (at home, resolved).

Do these & think on these things until you know, that you know it.