Frame One for E minor and G Major Pentatonic Guitar Scale

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As discussed in the pentatonics overview, a pentatonic scale has 5 tones. And, we can call any of the tones the starting point. For our purposes, we will work with the minor and the Major pentatonic naming (the little m below the tablature is the formula system for the minor and the M is the Major).

We have a choice on which position we play this scale. If played in P1, we use the 2 and 3 fingers. If in P2, the 1's and 2's. Try it with both fingerings. Play through the scale above alpha-tone order [in order, as written]. Prepare for the next tone in both the picking and fretting hand. Think ahead.

Use the picking list, when/if needed. Picking techniques can assist with accuracy (make sure you check out the leave).

e minor and g major pentatonic guitar scale in tab

For all scales, at the base level, we will play them in 8th notes for training. There are endless exercises we can play with any scale. Our baseline will be 8ths at around 100 on the metronome. Do this the scale as 8th notes with a metronome at 100. Drop to 80 if you aren't totally accurate, then bump to 90, then to 100.

Once we have the scale in our hands, we experiment...improvise.