Teaching & Learning

You are your own best teacher. Be good to yourself.

The Guitar Path rebuild has been on a delay due to production and wrapping up the school year (reports!). Yet, I have a production workflow in place that will make it faster getting lesson pages in place. I'm also editing as I go.

"Forgot Your Passcode" finishes up June 13, with "Dead by Then" and "Open" soon to follow.

Shape Connect is live (if you are learning to strum and change chords, try this fail-proof system).

Jam Audio Tracks. Improvise!

The navigation is below. If you see sessions that you'd like to see built sooner, or would like a student page, let me know. All pages will eventually be threaded with Previous and Next navigation, as you see in Ground.

Keep jammin' and let's make this the summer of evolution.

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