Palm Mute Strumming

Core Location: Techniques

Palm muting is using the soft fleshy part of the palm to dampen the strings, while still allowing the strings to vibrate. When we do this, we get a tighter sound from the strings.

To get a palm mute sound, the motor hand side of the palm needs to be at/near the bridge, touching the strings. If we move too far towards the neck, this will simply mute the strings.

Palm muting is often used to play melodies and riffs or to keep the guitar quiet (along with muting). Yet, it is a powerful tonal device for strumming.

We often utilize it in 'pulses'. We synchronize dampening the strings as we strum. This is a bouncing type of motion. We come off of the strings to let them breathe (create accents), and continue the cycle. This is a common technique on all types of guitars and in all types of styles.

To figure this out how to do this, we experiment. Keep the motor hand moving, letting it touch near the bridge when we can. Like most things guitar, it's a play of angles.