Fingerpicking X and Fist

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We should see an X when we look at our thumb-index. Not a teardrop!

In modern playing, we play thumb out. The thumb plucks to the outside of the hand, as when you make a fist.

If you plucked all fingers at the same time, your hand should be in a fist [save the thumbs upper joint].

fingerpicking x for the p and i fingers
You should see an X rather than a teardrop

The thumb & fingers need a pathway; a path that doesn't interfere with the follow through of the others.

Always keep in mind: thumb plucks down, outside the fingers, & the fingers pluck up, inside the thumb.

We let our fingers rebound - come back to where they started. This allows our physiology to do most of the work. And, we naturally know where our fingertip is located [where it just was, unless we moved our hand/arm].