C Major Scale

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Our goal in this C Major scale lesson block is to play the C scale in P1 in alpha-tone order. To do this, we will first play a linear version on string 2, then on string 5, then use equivalents to stack them up in P1. We played a linear version of a scale in this E Major scale lesson.

Linear on String 2

As with the E Major scale on string 1, make some position decisions. Train for 1 minute. Then jam with the sonic content for 1 minute. That's 2 minutes.

c major linear guitar scale on string two

Linear on String 5 + P1 Equivalents

Next we will play the scale linearly on string 5, then find equivalents in P1. Once in P1, this is 54 of our 7 Majors system.

On string 5, this scale is an octave lower than the C Major scale on string 2.

Octave = same tone, twice higher or lower.

Play the linear version on string 5 in any rhythm/fingering, then match up the equivalents in P1. Listen to how they match. Understand that they are the same.

c major linear guitar scale on string five