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12 Tones, Half Step Apart, 7 Naturals, 5 Sharps/Flats

Core Location: Theory and Mapping

We start with our musical ruler...

12 Tones

There are 12 tones. They are 1 half step [1 fret] apart (up or down to the next). Say it. Know it.

12 frets one half step apart

7 Naturals & 5 Sharps/Flats

guitar theory color system for the 12 tones, c is red, d is orange, e is yellow, f is green, g is light blue, a is royal blue, b is purple

The sharp [♯] raises a natural one half step and the flat [♭] lowers a natural one half step. These tones have 2 names. Theoretically, every tone has infinite names (B one million sharp is?), but we can lose friends talking like this. We keep it simple as possible. Double flats and sharps do exist. And, B is C♭, C is B♯, E is F♭, and F is E♯ (these are used).

2 Places Where Naturals Touch

There are 2 more naturals than sharps/flats, therefore, there are two places that naturals 'touch'.

These are naturally occurring half steps between B/C & E/F.