Shape Connect System Up and Running

It took a minute, but Shape Connect is live.

I've also built out all of Ground, most of Techniques, and added a few scale and chord lessons. Once the Techniques section is set, I'll be fleshing out scales and chords, then onto the rest.

Shape Connect is a fail-proof system (I've been proving it daily with kids as young as 7), so if you are looking to strum and switch chords, dive in...

Shape Connect

Track One
Wave One • Em to G6 & G and Em to E
Wave Two • E to Am, Am to C, C to F, F to D7, & D7 to A
Track Two
Wave One • G, Cadd9, D, Em
Wave Two •  E to B7, E to E7, Am to Bm, C to C7, C to G7, F to D, D to Dm, & A to A7
Bonus Puzzles  

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Keep jammin', stay true to you, bring out the best in others, and keep your engine moving.