dot in the open sky

How are you spending your time right now? Is it a time of cultivation? Helping others?

How have I been spending my days? First, I'm doing my best to be of service to others...helping where and when possible. I've also been preparing for the online version of school. I've built a small website with the basics of what I teach as an art and music teacher. Also, considering how I'll handle my 3.5 year old while I work online. We are practicing this week, as we begin school next week.

Rather than viewing this time as a way to do nothing (which can actually take effort), I've been doing endless practice paths, in multiple domains; have also upgraded my Integral Life Practice, been practicing guitar and piano (something life + energy hasn't allowed for), started tracking new sounds, and have been organizing online teaching, including live video lessons for students.

I've also been focusing on staying positive for everyone around me. This is a challenging time, and we are all in a similar situation; most of us wondering about our food supply and job status. When we overthink the unknowns, we can see doom rather quickly. But if we remain resolved to walk this thing through, working together, we can see the summer coming, full of light and renewed activity.

I urge you to use this time to cultivate, to find the space to explore new areas of development, to woodshed, and of course, maintain the guidelines that abound around us about staying healthy and safe.

It's a good time to practice, serve others, and stay focused on what matters most. Big love!