A Tone Alone

We start with just the A tone alone.

We simply experiment with bouncing around on the A tone.

This should be completed for all 12 tones.

We are basing our explorations on the tone A throughout our sequence.

A Tone Grids in Standard Tuning

The tablature above matches the grid. It isn't like normal tab in that each column is a moment in time. It's a map. We go in any and every order we can imagine.

The Diamonds are harmonics.

Harmonics are bell/chime-like sounds. We create them by lightly touch the string over a fret without pressing and pick it.

Note: the 4, 7, and 12 frets are the tones that are under the harmonic [the harmonic tone is the same pitch as the fretted tone]. The 5 and 9 fret harmonics [and others], are not the same tone that is at the fret.

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